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Fertilizer machinery Indusiry

As a professional fertilizer machines manufacturer and exporter, we can provide customers with high quality fertilizer making machines.

We are committed to produce high-quality compound fertilizer and organic fertilizer making machines with reasonable price, and meticulous service. As always, staff in our design department make every endeavor to innovate the performance of the fertilizer machines, striving to manufacture the best fertilizer granulator machine and fertilizer production line. We do want to cooperate with our new and old customers, establishing our friendly and cooperative relations.

We insists on market-orientation, concentrates on our products, and takes customers satisfaction as center. Contact us if you are interested in our products. We offer warm-hearted service to you.

Our Main Product

We provide a wide range of fertilizer machines:

  • Cost Efficient Organic Fertilizer Machines: such as self-propelled compost turner,Platycodon grinder, mixer, disc pan granulator etc.
  • Durable Compound Fertilizer Equipment: such as batching machine, vertical chain crusher, rotary drum granulator etc.
  • Organic/bio Fertilizer Production Lines: such as 20,000 tons organic fertilizer plant, 50,000 tons/year organic fertilizer production line etc.
  • Compound Fertilizer Production Line: such as 50,000 tons/year compound fertilizer plant, 100,000 tons/year compound fertilizer production line etc.
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    Our Service

  • To work with business team to understand customer demands in terms of products and services. Manage customers' requirements, and provide timely feedback to customers' inquiry, dispute and complain.
  • We provide installation and daily maintenance of the fertilizer machines to assist the work such as welding connection of shell body.
  • We have a one year warranty. Technical support is provided from the beginning to the end..
  • High-quality products: We strictly control every product in design, test and production, guaranteeing the high average outgoing quality rate.
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