Farm fertilizer machine with rotary drum

Farm fertilizer machine with rotary drum

Cheap PriceList for Farm Fertilizer Granulator - Rotary Drum Cooler – Exceed Detail Our rotary drum cooler is regularly used to cool fertilizers with a certain temperature and granularity in compound fertilizer production lines.The inlet temperature of materials generally is 60 &176;~ 80&176;,the outlet temperature isThe rotary drum is slightly slanted with an angle of 2-5&176;.By the belt conveyor,the hot fertilizer from the dryer is sent into the drum cooler through the feed hopper at the higher end.Meanwhile,under the suction of the draught fan at the feed end,the air flow inside the cylinder speeds up.Rotary drum granulator is an important machine in compound fertilizer making factories,which is used for large scale fertilizer materials granulating.Besides compound fertilizer granulating,it also can be used for organic fertilizer manufacturing line.But we learned some customers found the problem of high temperature of the gearing.

Estimated Reading Time 8 minsRotary Drum Churning Granulatorfor Organic,Compound sp.infoThe Budget.Your budget determines what price and specifications of rotary drum and churning granulating machine you can buy.For example,if you want to run the granular fertilizer production lines with the budget of $190,000-$360,000,the SXZJZ-1660 rotary drum churning pellet making machine is more suitable for your fertilizer production plant.Bulkbuy Rotary Drum Dryer for Fertilizer,Mineral,Peat Heated by Coal price comparison,get China Rotary Drum Dryer for Fertilizer,Mineral,Peat Heated by Coal price comparison from Fertilizer Dryer,Rotary Dryer manufacturers suppliers on Video Channel of .Rotary Drum Coating Machine for Fertilizer for Sale for sale - Rotary drum coating machine is an important fertilizer equipment used to cover a layer on the surface of the fertilizer granules as a protection film It can effectively prevent the agglomeration of fertilizer granules This rotary coating machine adopts special liquid material spraying technology or combing with solid powder coating Report Used Farm Equipment Listing Please describe why this listing should be removed from Farms Used Farm Equipment.Listing will be removed if they are suspected to be fraud,counterfeit,inappropriate,offensive,or irrelevant.Category Chemical / Fertilizer ApplicatorsNew/Used NewItem Location Los Angeles,CA,United StatesSub-Category OtherFertilizer Mixer|with SingleDouble ShaftRotary Drum

Contact us to get a fertilizer production line for your plant.00180-3757-2883.In order to make the fertilizer nutrients distribute evenly,you should use the fertilizer mixing machine.There are many types of the mixing machines in SX.We have improved the mixer structure to improve the working efficiency.The price changes with the specifications of the rotary drum granulation machine.For example,you can buy the SXZGZ-2080 rotary drum granulation machine with the budget of $360,000.when you manage to run the $550,000 granular fertilizer production lines,the SXZGZ-3210 rotary-drum granulation machine is more suitable.Rotary drum granulation machine is suitable for large-scale fertilizer pellets production line.For improving the working efficiency,we equip the rotary drum granulation machine with an inner lining and large cylinder.You can get the detailed information form the following.Taking granular fertilizer as an example,the rotary drum screening machine will firstly separate the powder,which will be returned to fertilizer pelletizing machine.Secondly,the unqualified little fertilizer granules will go back to fertilizer crushing equipment.Finally,the finished granular fertilizers are sent to fertilizer coating machine.Apart from rotary fertilizer coating drum machine,Shunxin also manufacture other fertilizer equipment.For instance,we can produce commercial composting equipment,different types of fertilizer granulators,fertilizer mixer and crusher,fertilizer dryer machine,automatic fertilizer packing scale and so on.

Estimated Reading Time 7 minsRotary Dryer Machine - Waste To Fertilizer Machinesp.infoThe rotary dryer machine is a new generation of fertilizer dryer to dry organic fertilizer,such as chicken manure,cow dung,goat manure,horse manure and other organic waste.It is suitable for dry powder materials and granule materials.With the unique advantages of large drying capacity,stable operation,low energy consumption and easy The drum churning granulation machine is designed and produced on the basis of the drum granulation machine and churning granulation machine.The machine adds a mixing structure from the roller granulation machine and the roller griller,with wider raw materials,large production capacity and low energy consumption.What’s more,it can overcome the20 t/h Rotary drum granulator ZGZ-3210.This molding machine could produce 20-30 t/h compound fertilizer pellets.Meanwhile,the specific shape of fertilizer pellets is available for your requirements.And it is suitable for mass production of cold,hot granulation and high and low concentration compound fertilizer by means of wet granulation Nov 22,2021&0183;The rotary drum granulator has a large capacity,which can maximum produce 30t bio-organic granules.Therefore,this machine is often used in the large scale bio-organic granular fertilizer production plants.If you need to pellet a large amount of bio-organic raw materials into quality granules,the rotary drum granulator is your best choice.Rotary drum granulator is a kind of molding machinery that can be made material into a special and qualified shape.Drum granulator is one of the key fertilizer equipment in compound fertilizer production line.In addition,the granulation ratio is up to 70%.So it is very suitable for large scale fertilizer production plants.The third point is grading the finished fertilizer granules.To make more profits,you can grade the final fertilizer pellets by our rotary screening machine.For the first time you can screen for the best looking granules,they can fetch a good price.The second time you can screen out medium quality pellets and sell them at a reasonable price.In the organic fertilizer production line,you should have seven different fertilizer equipment.That is solid-liquid separator machine,organic fertilizer compost turner,fertilizer crusher,organic fertilizer granulation equipment,rotary drum drying machine,rotary drum cooling machine,rotary drum screening machine and fertilizer packing scale.Rotatiller - Hay rake - Drum mover - Terracing Machine - Fertilizer spreader If you interest it please contact with us.Best Regards Mr.Kamil SevenUGUR GROUPExport Dept.Tel 90 332 345 4565 (4 line)Fax 90 332Main structures of rotary drum dryer.Rotary drum,speed reducer and motor make up SEEC rotary drum dryer machine.The rotary drum provides space for drying manure.And there are many plates inside the rotary drum,which can effectively prevent stacking ofManure Dryer,also known as paddle agitated rotary drum dryer,rake roller dryer,rotary rake drum dryer,and rotary paddle drum dryer.The machine has kept the ordinary drum advantages of the dryer,it is custom-designed suit to the disadvantage of the moisture is more than 50% weak stick,sticking material drying,and the drum center black hole phenomenon lead to the unit area evaporation As a fertilizer equipment manufacturer,we have complete auxiliary equipment batching machine,fertilizer grinder,blender (mixer),rotary screening machine,fertilizer coating machine,belt conveyors and packing machine,etc.And if you want to dispose other materials with ourRotary drum granulator.Just like pan granulator,rotary drum granulator is also available for organic fertilizer and compound fertilizer production.It consists of bracket,driving part,rolling belt,gear and machine body.The driving part provides power for the rotation of main body.The machine body provides a good environment for granulation.Introduction.The pig manure of the fecal pond can be pumped into the dewatering machine by a slush pump with a defecation processor,and the water content of pig manure is about 40% after treatment; crops such as straw and rice bran (containing N\P\K) can also be used as fillings and then sprinkled with biosclerosing agents.

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