Programmable Digital Controled Drying Oven

Programmable Digital Controled Drying Oven

Dry Off Oven -- FD45 from International Thermal Systems LLC.The FD45 ™ Dry Off Oven is NEW Technology to dry Steel or Steel cans.In 45 seconds or less,the FD45 ™ Dry Off Oven will completely dry the interior and exterior of the can.The FD45 ™ Dry Off Oven features a proprietary supply and return air technology to thoroughly dryThe SHEL LAB Model SVAC9-2 is one of the largest vacuum ovens on the market,with 9.3 cubic feet of capacity.This unit also features a fully programmable Watlow controller and a cool touch surface.A digital vacuum gauge shows chamber vacuum level in measurements of Torr and m/Torr.The display.Digital Heating and Drying Ovens with Programmable Temperatures With the help of AtmoCONTROL,programming one of the heating and drying ovens can be done by mouse or touchpad on your laptop.Each oven has high-temperature connectors on the rear of the appliance,allowing for single-phase power connection according to country-specific systems VEVOR Drying Oven 4.8 CU FT Forced Convection Oven 136L Laboratory Drying Oven Digital Forced Air Convection Oven Industrial Forced Air Oven Digital Sterilizing Oven Intelligent Control forYamato DG Natural Convection Glassware Drying Oven 92L 115V Yamato DKN Programmable Forced Convection Oven 27L 115V Bench Oven with Ramp Soak Digital Control 7 Cu Ft 115V Quincy Lab 21-250ER Gravity Convection Oven 0.7 Cubic Feet Capacity 115V.List Price $551.00.Featured lab heating and drying oven categories.All units include the following features Stainless steel interior and rounded edges for easy cleaning.Easy to use Microprocessor control.Many shelving positions available for flexible use of chamber space.Overtemperature alarm.AllBattery Dry Oven suitable for lithium-ion battery and 6.Controller: Multi segment programmable control,menu operation interface,can simplify the complex experimental process Resins and glues Polymeric pastes The oven is controlled by a digital thermo-regulators The conveyor speed is controlled up to 225 m/min The muffle PTL-MMB02 is a Millimeter Grade Desktop Programmable Dip Coater (1-200 mm/min) with touch-screen digital control.Dipping rate,pulling rate,dwell time,and cycle life can be set up by touch screen controller and run dip-coating automatically in the temperature controllable oven.It is designed for RD Lab to prepare various optical or epitaxial films from liquid solutions.

Solution Container One 150mL beaker is includedWorking Voltage 110/220V AC selectableTravelling Distance 0-60 mm AdjustableLaboratory Ovens with Programmable Microprocessorsp.infoHeratherm lab ovens with programmable controllers provide temperature ramps and dwells.Each oven can store up to 10 programs with 10 discrete steps.120 V.Thermo Scientific 51028115.Gravity Oven Advanced Protocol 2.15 Cubic Feet / 61 Liters 50&176;C to 330&176;C Chamber 18.9H x 12.9W x 15.3D Electric oven with forced air convection system and touch-screen indication system with multiple programmable functions for optimal performance and energy saving.High resolution temperature measurement and control,with excellent PID control that allows to comply with short heating times and recovery of the programmed temperature,guaranteeing accuracy and precision in the measurement.The programmable control system option with stirring fan is a cost efficient solution for busy processing environments.The PC Series vacuum oven incorporates varying degrees of automation ranging from our standard PLC control with data logging and graphic HMI to full computer control.Typical Applications Vacuum Drying; Custom process; OutgassingYamato DVS Series Programmable Natural Convection Ovens DVS402C/412C/602C/612C Description Programmable natural convection constant temperature drying ovens incorporating programmable operation functions and enhanced safety features and operability.Operation and functions.Excellent temperature accuracy; Easy to use and maintainThese Fully Programmable Orbital Mixing Chilling/Heating Dry Baths are compact,versatile,reliable and easy to use.Their 5-program memory allows for each program to have as many as 10 steps,where each step is a mixing speed,temperature and timed event.Additionally,any program can be made to repeat itself from 1 to 99 times automatically.drying oven.O series.Maximum temperature 250 &176;C Superior transportability by Flat Pack Design for cabinets and trolleys Optimized air ventilation Programmable digital control Wide range of accessories Ease of installation Soil samples, Compare this product Remove from comparison tool.Programmable digital set point temperature control; Independent programmable digital over-temperature control; *All times and pressures are for clean,dry,empty,out-gassed vacuum ovens,starting from ambient pressure and temperature,and may vary.Times and pressures subject to pump size and maximum temperature.Ramp Soak Temperature Controller Kiln SSR Thermocouple Programmable Control 60 Segment for 220V with Two Hotline.5.0 out of 5 stars.2.$138.00.$138..00.Get it Wed,Nov 17 -Vacuum Drying Oven for Non-Flammable Solvents VD Series -- VD 115 from BINDER Inc.Electronically controlled APT.line ™ preheating chamber with 2 expansion racks assuring temperature accuracy and reproducible results.Temperature range from 15 &176;C above ambient temperature to 200 &176;C.purge gas and vacuum control valves,a 0-to-30-inch vacuum gauge and a temperature control Large Models (3628A and 3628A-1) Single set point controller Seven-day programmable timer that cycles oven on or off up to eight times per day with automatic temperature/ vacuum control in450L Three-Layer Programmable Vacuum Drying Oven with Three Separate Controller This product is suitable for the vacuum baking process of various materials.It adopts industry-leading uniform temperature technology with temperature fluctuation of 2℃,vacuum chamber-0.098 Mpa can be maintained for more than 24 hours,and multiple quality and Your laboratory oven is an invaluable part of your daily workflow,enabling simple glassware drying to the most complex,controlled heating applications.Our heating and drying ovens portfolio ensures temperature stability and reproducibility for all your desired application needs.Gravity convection ovens can deliver precise temperature control with minimal emissions.Choose from analog,basic digital and programmable laboratory ovens and furnaces at Grainger.Come to Grainger and find a selection of efficient laboratory ovens and furnaces to help provide controlled heat for drying,baking,sterilizing,heat-treating Oven temperature is controlled via a Watlow programmable ramp and soak controller.(Ask about how it can be configured to automatically execute your vacuum drying process).The TVO-2 also includes a fully integrated digital overtemperature protection controller.KSL-500X-71 is a 500&176;C Oven that combines forced-air circulation and programmable temperature controller to achieve a uniform furnace for a variety of laboratory applications like drying,storing,annealing.It is cost-effective for heating equipment of material RD laboratories.Note MTI performs test runs prior to shipment to ensure the quality of the oven,as a result,the oven chamber Special purpose shelves or drying trays manufactured to customer specifications if required Hydraulic safety thermostat and control circuit breakers fitted to all models Electronic P.I.D temperature control with digital indication of set and process valueChoose from analog,basic digital and programmable laboratory ovens and furnaces at Grainger.Come to Grainger and find a selection of efficient laboratory ovens and furnaces to help provide controlled heat for drying,baking,sterilizing,heat-treating,evaporating,annealing and testing.The cart is loaded into the Calcining Batch Oven via recessed tracks located in the floor of the oven.The calcining process takes approximately ten (10) hours.The cycle has several profiles that are controlled by a programmable digital controller.During the cycle the oven is exhausting approximately 800 pounds of water.

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